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Fogging and decontamination cleaning is one of the most effective specialist disinfection cleaning against COVID-19 and other viruses. The treatment can be applied to any surface type, in any environment and it provides 30-days protection from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Lee Channel provides affordable antiviral fogging & deep cleaning services to companies across London using chemicals that provide prolonged antimicrobial protection for weeks after application.

Our highly trained staff can quickly and professionally decontaminate most sites, including offices, retails premises, schools, hotels, universities, restaurants, health centers, gyms, care homes, and cinemas.

We are a professional fogging and deep cleaning company with many years experience to accommodate almost all requests and will always offer honest advice on the best solution for you and your business.

Our systematic approach to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of
cleanliness means you can focus on your work and your customers.

Don’t risk the health and wellbeing of your staff / visitors, get in touch today for free no obligation quote