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Office Cleaning – Wandle Housing Association

Since April 2022, we have delivered cleaning services at the London offices of social housing provider Wandle Housing Association Ltd. (WHA).

The works – delivered across the site’s six toilets, two urinals, one bathroom, one large kitchen, one large open plan office space, various meeting boots and five medium-sized offices include:

  • Vacuuming floors, including vinyl and carpet
  • Cleaning toilets, sinks, shower, sanitary bins, mirrors, and mopping floors
  • Refilling the coffee machine, emptying bins
  • Sanitising office keyboards, desktops, and telephones
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen worktops, fridges, microwaves, windows, walls, and skirtings
  • Refilling soap dispensers, replenishing toilet roll and hand paper towels

Site-inducted operative completes the works during twenty five-hour shifts per week, delivered 510pm MondayFriday, with ad hoc site visits from Field Manager to ensure a consistently high standard of service is provided.

A pool of 5 locally-based contingent operatives are also available to provide continuity in the event of unplanned absence (e.g. due to sickness).


Upon award, our management team attended a pre-start meeting with WHA to establish the scope of works required, preferred frequencies of each task, and length of shift necessary to deliver them. Once the scope was agreed and signed off by WHA, the cleaner’s competency was ensured via:

  • Site inductions, delivered by HR covering site-specific RAMS, emergency protocols, and site sign-in and lock-up procedures.
  • Contract-specific training from the field manager, including briefings on the quoted services, safe systems of work, and reporting requirements.

Performance management

In addition to ad hoc supervisory visits from the field manager, delivery of a consistently high standard of service was managed via:

  • Real-time site updates, such as shift sign-ins/outs, uploaded to our contract management software via mobile app
  • Monthly inspections, supplemented by ad hoc inspections to ensure quality standards were consistently met
  • Monthly review meetings with WHA’s facilities manager to discuss adherence to schedule, updated requirements and customer feedback, implementing SMART plans to drive continuous improvement
  • Quarterly audits to review performance against contractual obligations, including KPIs, quality standards and reporting requirements.

To facilitate swift resolution of any issues/queries, our client services team were also available 24/7 via telephone/email, maximising client satisfaction.

Key challenges and outcomes

We were initially contracted to deliver works at WHA’s London Bridge office and were retained when they moved to their current Blackfriars’ site (SE1 8NW) in October 2022. Extra shifts were provided at short notice to facilitate the move, and WHA later awarded their allocated cleaner a £100 bonus to express their gratitude for the high-quality service delivered, commenting:

“Ali has worked hard for us today and last week (with the additional mess created by our move) and is doing a great job even with the transition of the move to the new building.”

Another challenge arose when WHA’s facilities manager died suddenly, and we had to establish effective lines of communication with their replacement. To manage this, Client Services Manager Kate Howard oversaw:

  • An initial meeting to introduce our team
  • Continuous email communications to facilitate a seamless transition
  • Weekly meetings to review performance, phased to quarterly with WHA’s approval

As a result of these measures, a 100% client satisfaction rating has been maintained, evidencing the consistently high standard of service we provide.

Office Cleaning – Culligan Water

In April 2023 we were contracted by commercial water treatment specialists Culligan UK Ltd. to deliver a weekly scheduled cleaning service at their Wimbledon office (SW19 8UH). One cleaner was assigned to the contract, delivering three-hour shifts (7–10am), five days a week to complete the following works:

  • Vacuuming carpets and sanitising office keyboards/desktops/telephones
  • Cleaning toilets, walls and partitions, and sinks and taps
  • Washing surfaces (countertops/windowsills), cleaning windows, emptying bins
  • Replenishing toilet rolls and paper towels
  • Cleaning skirtings, desks, and the reception table
  • Wiping kitchen worktops and fridges, and mopping linoleum flooring

The assigned operative follows contract-specific task checklists, delivered to their 4G-enabled PDA via our JobWatch management system, ensuring works are completed comprehensively and accurately reported on. Due to its size, the site which includes two hallways, three sets of open plan offices, one kitchen, four toilets and two urinals has been split into four areas, which are cleaned according to a JobWatch rota, with the frequency of cleans proportionate to the level of each area’s use, maximising service efficiency.

Pre-start activities

Upon award, the following activities were undertaken to tailor our service to Culligan’s needs:

  • Pre-start meetings to introduce our management team, exchange contact details, and establish the frequency of each service (e.g. vacuuming carpets daily, polishing internal glazing weekly)
  • Site visit with Culligan’s facilities manager to conduct site-specific risk assessments, develop method statements for each task, and establish the scope of works required
  • Contract-specific induction, delivered by Grace Ambrose to ensure the assigned operative’s understanding of Culligan’s quality standards, reporting requirements, and SSoW.

Since the contract is new to us, we organised weekly review and communication with the facilities manager during the first month to facilitate smooth implementation, with any adjustments to scope swiftly communicated and embedded in our service. These will be phased to monthly meetings with Culligan’s approval.

Contract management

To ensure Culligan’s quality requirements are consistently met, the following performance management measures have been implemented:

  • JobWatch task lists, with the assigned operative checking off completed works in real time to confirm completion
  • Weekly ad hoc inspections by Site Supervisor Jackson Oduna to ensure services are delivered in accordance with RAMS, quality standards and the specification
  • Monthly review meetings with Culligan’s facilities manager to review our performance, identify challenges and mitigating measures, and ensure ongoing client satisfaction.

Due to the above measures, we have maintained 100% compliance with Culligan’s KPIs throughout delivery, maximising customer satisfaction.

Key challenges

Upon award, Culligan requested an initial deep clean of their warehouse but, having quoted the requested services, we discovered they had underestimated the extent of works required. To facilitate the additional services, which included a pressure wash and use of ladders for high surfaces, an extra day’s work was delivered at no additional cost to Culligan, and resulted in the following feedback:

Due to our efficient management, we have since maintained a customer satisfaction rate of 100%, with Culligan stating “we are very happy with the ongoing service being provided, a huge improvement from the previous cleaner. Really appreciate everything so far.”

Restaurant Cleaning – Paradise Green Restaurant

In November 2022 we were contracted to provide cleaning services to the high-end Paradise Green restaurant in Bishopsgate, London.

The restaurant featured 929m2 of floor space, split over two levels.

As it was a newly opened restaurant, there was no established cleaning schedule in place. As such, we proposed a cleaning programme of daily, weekly and quarterly activities, informed by site visits and input from our wider team.

Having worked on over 10 cleaning contracts for clients on similar size sites, including Ruya London Restaurant and Chessington Zafari Restaurant, our team understood typical requirements for comparative work, informing task scheduling and timescales for this contract.

All cleaning was delivered by a directly employed core cleaning team of three, with a minimum of 1 years’ experience, providing efficient and high-quality delivery of service under the supervision of the Site Manager. Furthermore, a contingency team of three experienced cleaners were additionally trained and fully inducted to the contract to be able to provide relief cover if needed (e.g. due to illness).

Rotated on a five-on two-off shift pattern to avoid staff working seven days consecutively, cleaners performed general daily cleaning tasks outside operating hours so as not to clash with restaurant activities (12:00am 5am) Monday to Sunday. Tasks included:

  • The cleaning of mirrored surfaces and glass partitions
  • The washing, sweeping and vacuuming of floors
  • The cleaning of walls including paintwork, doors, door frames, windows and window frames
  • The cleaning of furniture, fixtures and fittings, including tables, chairs, skirting boards, pipes, light switches
  • The polishing of bright metal work such as stair rails and interior decorations
  • The cleaning of toilets (including urinal channels and bowls, WC pans, seats, seat hinges, handles/chain and cubicle walls)
  • The cleaning of basins and general fittings

Key challenges and outcomes

Maintaining a regular cleaning and sanitising schedule was of paramount importance in a restaurant environment as unsanitary service and dining areas could lead to bacterial growth (e.g. E.coli, salmonella and listeria), as well as infectious diseases like coronavirus and norovirus spreading to staff and customers. Due to the intensive cleaning required, we initially proposed a 14 hour a day cleaning schedule; however, due to cost restraints, the client requested 10 hours daily clean with regular deep cleans. By using a consistent team, we embedded high-quality standards and delivered efficiencies as cleaners became familiar with the site and used their knowledge and experience to efficiently complete tasks within the requested ten-hour timeframe.

Added value

We encountered an additional challenge when cleaning the bathroom basin as the surface was being tarnished through regular handwashing by restaurant patrons. By incorporating a value-added solution of using Lithofin MN Polish Cream daily to coat the basin, we ensured that when patrons used the hand soap it didn’t impact the surface itself.

As a result, we delivered services in line with the required quality standards and achieved 100% customer satisfaction.