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Our cleaning philosophy

We understand the challenges faced by most organisations in this current Covid
climate and have put in place measures to train and educate our staffs on routine
cleaning and disinfecting which is key to maintaining a safe environment for our
clients and their staff.
This involves cleaning and disinfecting at least daily (or more, depending on use
patterns) frequently touched surfaces and objects such as:

• Door knobs and handles
• Stair rails
• Classroom desks and chairs
• Lunchroom tables and chairs
• Countertops
• Handrails
• Light switches
• Handles on equipment (e.g., athletic equipment)
• Push-buttons on vending machines and elevators
• Shared toys
• Shared remote controls
• Shared telephones
• Shared desktops
• Shared computer keyboards and mice
• Bus seats and handrails

Our systematic approach to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of
cleanliness means you can focus on your work and your customers.

Recommendations to clients
• Clean frequently touched surfaces regularly. Ensure suitable hand
washing facilities are available including running water, liquid soap and
paper towels or hand driers. Where cloth towels are used, these should be
for individual use and laundered in accordance with washing instructions.